About us


Hello everyone, Philippe here. As the old, wise, venerable man in the band, my passion for Rock goes back a long way. Singer and rhythm guitarist, I first created Neofelis Nebulosa as a solo project with my first compositions – now revamped and remixed with the help of the rest of the band. My main influences are the Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, Motorhead and many others. With the time I have besides my singing training and the covers I work on, I keep composing songs and take care of the band management and communication.


Hello there; Clement, on the lead guitars. I got hooked on saturated guitars in my teens , thanks to artists like Matthew Bellamy, Emppu Vuorinen and John Petrucci, soon after I discovered Rock music. Which was unbelievably late. Currently I get my inspiration from Alternative Rock, Prog Rock and Melodeath and annoy the guys with irritating leads and harmonics in our songs. I also work on the artworks, pictures and videos for the band.


Hi, I’m Damien, the bassist. I began playing the guitar when I was 15 years old before switching to the bass. I’m mostly into Post-Grunge and Alternative Rock bands like Seether, 3 Doors Down and Alter Bridge. I was part of another band when I first met Philippe at the Luna Rossa rehearsal studios in Paris, then our common musical interests led me to join NN. I have way too much energy when it comes to playing music, I bring the show alive and the guys into trouble.


Hi! I’m Thomas, the drummer, the voice of rythm and youth in the band. I started playing the drums when I was 6 years old, and somehow I never managed to stop. I have mostly played in cover bands before, Neofelis Nebulosa is my first Hard Rock project and I’m happy to say I’m learning a great many things. Well, I teach the guys a lot of things too. Aside from the drums I take care of the sound engineering and mixing for the band.

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More than a band, more than friends, we are a family, we are Neofelis Nebulosa and we play Rock’N’Roll

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And we also want to have good time with you 😉

So follow us and take the Rock’N’Roll train with us !!!

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